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Bridge Prep exists so all students with dyslexia and their families have a public school option that meets their needs within their community. Literacy serves as the foundation upon which all learning is based, yet data shows that students across the country continue to struggle with literacy. Research shows that roughly 20% of the school-aged population has a language-based learning disability. We believe that with proper instructional interventions and an appropriate academic environment, all students can learn to read and write proficiently. At Bridge Prep, all students will benefit from our structured literacy approach and a multisensory curriculum, particularly students with dyslexia and other reading related disabilities, and English Language Learners.

Bridge Prep provides students and families who need our structured, multi sensory programming, with a free, public school option in their community and prevents them from being forced to leave Staten Island or New York City to find a school that meets their needs.


The schools that children attend can make a difference in their reading and academic achievement. Research shows that without early intervention, the reading gap between struggling readers and their peers will continue to widen over time. In order to ensure that students are able to experience academic success, they must be fully immersed in an academic environment designed to meet their needs.  

Bridge Prep provides students on Staten Island with an innovative, student-centered learning environment that challenges them with academic rigor, builds their resiliency and fosters both academic progress and social and emotional growth. Our students are positioned for long-term, sustained academic success, put them on a path of expanded opportunity and serve as a place for students that will be better served in a unique, personalized academic community.

We believe that families must be well informed and involved in order to make decisions for, and with their student(s).  We recognize that a true partnership and trusting relationship between the school and families will result in an increased level of achievement for our students.