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Admissions Preferences

Admission preference shall be granted to applicants in the following manner, consistent with NYS Education Law, our admissions policy and our mission of serving students with dyslexia or other reading and language related disabilities:

  • Verified siblings of current Bridge Prep students. A verified sibling includes a half-sibling, a step-sibling, and/or a foster sibling who lives in the same household of the child seeking admission or enrollment to Bridge Prep.
  • Students who reside in NYC Community School District 31(CSD 31) with a current IEP that indicates the student has dyslexia, an impairment in reading or difficulties with/an impairment in phonological awareness skills and development. Please note: In order to be considered for the second preference, it must be indicated on the student’s submitted application, and can be done so by answering the application question specific to this preference.  If a student receives a seat in the lottery because of this preference and, at the time of enrollment, it is determined that the child does in fact not qualify for this preference, the student will be placed at the bottom of the respective grades waitlist. 
  • Students residing in CSD 31; 
  • Students who are children of full-time Bridge Prep employees 
  • Students residing outside of CSD 31.